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Optional Anvil Studio Accessory
  Mix and play songs with up to 8 audio tracks X           X   X X X
  VST-Effects X           X X X
  VST-Instruments   X             X X X
  Automation   X             X X X
  ASIO   X             X X X
  ReWire   X             X X X
  Play song on Multiple MIDI Out ports   X             X X X
  Use Patch Libraries to name MIDI Banks and Programs   X             X X X
  Display and edit many tracks at the same time     X           X X X
  Exercises for music theory, piano and voice-training       X           X
  Learn to play a song by watching and playing along         X       X   X
  Add tools to Anvil Studio's View / Performer screen           X     X X X
  Record up to 8 audio tracks at the same time             X     X X
  Mix songs with up to 16 audio tracks             X     X X
  Print sheet music for each Instrument track               X     X
  Print Conductors Score for all tracks in a song               X     X
  Price $19 $29 $19 $19 $19 $19 $39 $39 $59 $59 $99

The following optional accessories can be added to Anvil Studio

Print Sheet - $39

Allows you to print high-resolution sheet music for standard MIDI songs that you record, compose, or download.   More details...

Multi-Audio 1/8 - $19

Allows you to create songs with up to 8 stereo audio tracks, where the duration of each audio track is limited only by your computer's available disk space and ram. Stereo and Mono tracks can be mixed in the same song. Each track has independent volume, pan, and delay controls. Tracks are mixed in real-time, so you can hear your mixed tracks immediately after recording them with minimal delay.   More details...

Multi-Audio 8/16 - $39

In addition to the features of Multi-Audio 1/8, this accessory adds 24-bit, 192 kHz audio, ASIO and VST support. It also allows you to simultaneously record up to 8 audio tracks at a time if you have a Sound Card with enough audio inputs.
This accessory is available for $24 when upgrading from Multi-Audio 1/8 or the Combo Accessory Pack 1.   More details...

Multi-View - $19

Allows you to edit up to eight tracks at the same time on the Compose screen.   More details...

Pro-Mix - $29

Supports non-destructive editing of each track's sound effects controls over time. For example, use it to gradually decrease the volume of a track at the end of a song, creating the effect of a moving fader. It also lets you use soundcards with ASIO drivers and load third-party VST effects.
This accessory also allows your song to access multiple MIDI Out ports.
  • Intelligently manages all of your MIDI setups.
  • Allows you to import Instrument Definition (.INS) files, and load and save Patch Libraries for a variety of synthesizers, sound modules, and effects processors. These allow you to use your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names, instead of the General Midi names.   More details...

  • Music Exercises - $19

    Provides an extensive set of exercises for Interval recognition, Chord recognition, Rhythm, Scales, Ear and voice training.   More details...

    Copy Me - $19

    Allows you to load any MIDI song file into Anvil Studio and learn how to play it on your keyboard by watching Anvil Studio play the notes on its on-screen piano keyboard. On your synthesizer keyboard, press the keys that Anvil Studio has drawn with green dots. Anvil Studio waits for you to press those keys before going on to the next step in the song. As soon as you press the correct keys, the next group of keys in the song are shown.   More details...

    Performance Toolpack 1 - $19

    Adds five additional tools to Anvil Studio's Perform screen, including real-time tools that let you control Arpeggio, Delay effects, Chord harmony, Modulation, Pitch Bend, Channel Volume, Panpot, Sustain and more.   More details...

    Buy more than one accessory and save

    Combo Pack 1 - $59

    Combines several of the accessories listed above at a discount.   More details...

    Combo Pack 2 - $59

    Combines several of the accessories listed above at a discount.   More details...

    Anvil Studio Works! - $99

    Combines all of the accessories listed above, as well all future accessories we release.   More details...

    When you order an accessory from us, within 24 hours we send you email that describes how to download and install the accessory.

    When you order an accessory, you also receive all future versions of that accessory free - for life.

    If there is an Anvil Studio accessory you would like that is not listed above, please describe it in an email message to us and we will try to create it and notify you when it is available.

    Educational Site Licenses are available.
    Please contact for details.

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