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Music Exercises accessory

This Anvil Studio accessory can be used for piano and voice-training exercises, including:
  • sight-training and ear-training for intervals and chords,
  • rhythm exercises,
  • key signature recognition,
  • music notation flash cards,
  • evaluation of one and two-hand scales in various keys with various dynamics.

  • Samples of some pages included in this accessory

    Click on any of the images below to see a full-size copy.

    Chord Recognition

    Timing Drill

    Timing Dictation

    Interval Ear Training

    Chord Ear Training

    Voice Training

    Scales Exercise

    Harmony Dictation

    You can buy and download the Music Drills accessory for $19 by pressing the
    order button, or as part of Anvil Studio's Accessory Combo Pack, or as part of Anvil Studio Works.

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