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Combo Accessory Pack 2

The Combo Accessory Pack 2 turns Anvil Studio into a full Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
It includes the following accessories.
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Multi-Audio 8/16

Allows you to record up to 8 audio tracks at the same time, and play songs with up to 16 audio tracks, limited only by your computer's memory. It also adds support for 24-bit, 32-bit, 96kHz, and 192 kHz audio.


Allows you to edit up to eight tracks at the same time on the Compose screen.


Supports non-destructive editing of each track's sound effects controls over time. For example, you could use it to gradually decrease the volume of a track at the end of a song, creating the effect of a moving fader.
It also lets you:
  • Use soundcards with low-latency ASIO drivers and load third-party VST effects.
  • Manage a graphical view of your MIDI setup.
  • Import Instrument Definition (.INS) files, and load and save Patch Libraries for a variety of synthesizers, sound modules, and effects processors. These allow you to use your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names, instead of the General Midi names.
  • connect each Instrument track to a different VST-Instrument,
  • connect each Instrument track to a different MIDI Out port, so a single song can be played on several synthesizers,
  • edit the values of any MIDI controllers such as Modulation, Tempo, Pan position, Sustain, and Volume over time.
  • edit an audio track's Pan position and Volume over time.
  • edit values of VST parameters over time,
  • use Automation to capture the position of faders and VST dials as you play / mix the song, and then use those changes every time the song is played.
  • use the ReWire standard for transferring audio data between Anvil Studio and other programs in real time. ReWire acts like a cable that streams audio from one program into another.
  • see a graphical view of your MIDI setup,
  • create your own Patch Libraries that describe your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names.
  • load Instrument Definition (.INS) files that describe your synthesizer's patch names, controller names, and drum names.
  • Add any number of routing commands that cause MIDI events received from any MIDI In port to get routed to any MIDI Out port or VST-Instrument port. This can be useful during either a recording session or live performance.

  • Performance Toolpack 1

    Adds five additional tools to Anvil Studio's Perform screen, including real-time tools that let you control Arpeggio, Delay effects, Chord harmony, Modulation, Pitch Bend, Channel Volume, Panpot, Sustain and more.

    Purchased individually, this set of accessories would cost $106, but you can buy and download them for $59 by pressing the Order Accessories button, or you might consider Anvil Studio Works which includes all of these and more for $99.

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