Anvil Studio has a Chord Finder tool

Use it to:
  • see all chords that include one or more given notes,
  • see optional guitar fingerings for chords, and
  • help with modulating from one chord to another.

  • Referring to the screen shots below,
    Click Find Chord to display the Chord Finder tool.
    Click a key on the piano keyboard, or a fret on the guitar, to turn that note on or off.
    All chords that include the pressed notes will be enabled (bold).
    You can click more notes on to further limit the set of chords.
    Click one of those chords to see green dots displayed on all of the notes for that chord.
    If you want to transition from one chord to another, turn off one or more notes by clicking them, and see what other chords share the remaining notes.

    When using the on-screen piano keyboard, you can cycle through various inversions of the chord, and shift the chord up and down octaves.
    When using the on-screen guitar, you can cycle through various fingerings for the chord.
    If any of the fingerings feel impractical, and you are wanting to play this chord on a real guitar, keep cycling.
    When you find the chord you are looking for, press Insert.
    You can also press one of the chords when no notes on the piano/guitar have been turned on (clicked).
    You can press Reset to turn off all notes, and enabling all chords.
    You can change the guitar's tuning, or number of strings, or add a capo by pressing Guitar/Keyboard.
    Close the Chord Finder window when you are ready to resume normal editing.

    To install Anvil Studio the latest version of Anvil Studio, download and run for the 64-bit version
        or for the 32-bit version

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