Anvil Studio  Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions can be answered by starting Anvil Studio and selecting one of these menus:
  • Help / Tutorials,
  • Help / Common Problems and Questions, or
  • Help / Search.
  • Is it possible to record drums, guitar, vocals, etc. and save it as a 16 bit stereo WAV file? Anvil Studio can record from microphones, mixers, guitars, etc. You need to have a sound card with a line-input jack. Connect the preamp output of your mixer to the line input of your sound card.

    The standard, free version, of Anvil Studio records two audio tracks for one minute, but you can use it to see how it works with your setup. We sell the optional accessory, Multi-Audio, for $19 that allows you to record and mix many audio tracks, each up to 60 minutes long, as long as your computer has enough hard disk space to hold the .WAV files.

    To access the Audio features, select Anvil Studio's View / Mixer menu, then click on the Type field of any track (e.g. Track 1) and change the track's type from Instrument to Audio. Then select the View / Audio Editor menu to record or edit that track. Press the Audio Out button to change to 24-bit audio, or select a different Audio Out device.

    You can record audio samples by selecting View / Piano Roll or Track / Create / Rhythm Track.
    Where can I find retail outlets for Anvil Studio accessories? There are no retail outlet for our accessories. To order them with a credit card or personal check, please click here.

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